Alex Rubinstein & Dan Fleming


Alex Rubinstein and Dan Fleming are L.A. natives and have been best friends since middle school. Their comedic chemistry is infectious and continues to flourish...


Alex comes from the world of comedy talent representation and brand partnerships. He worked at Principato-Young Entertainment for three years where he created connections with various comedians, producers, directors and writers. Along with co-hosting all things NAME THIS PODCAST, Alex and Will Arnett have partnered to produce an ongoing live comedy event at The Winston House in Venice titled, LATE NIGHT BRUNCH. 


Before the days of podcasts and sketches, Dan was traveling the country as an MC for experiential marketing events. Since his move back to L.A. nearly three years ago, he has become an accomplished stage actor and has starred in commercials as well as music videos. Recently, Dan is trying his hand in comedy and can be seen dispensing his wit at Alex and Will’s LATE NIGHT BRUNCH.


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friendship est. 2003

friendship est. 2003